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International trade is the subject of an ever-changing regulatory requirements and complex logistics processes. For manufacturing companies, wholesale operators and purchasing organizations, it is difficult to maintain unusual core business resources and technology needed for effective management processes in international cargo transportation and customs clearance. Large amounts of a variety of repetitive tasks can be an outflow of resources companies. MYB Logistics can help your organization to minimize the time spent on tedious process to set up chains of international transportation and customs clearance, and will help you maximize the use of resources so that you can focus on growing your business.


We develop an individual approach to each client, offering a scheme of cargo transportation and customs clearance, perfectly adapted for your company and fully in accordance with your requirements. Outsourcing of business processes in the supply chain, our company MYB Logistics does not only provide high reliability, and compliance with all relevant regulations, as well as helps you to save costs and increase operational flexibility.


Our services Outsourcing, international shipping, customs clearance, will help you overcome the challenges:

  • Customs clearance.

  • International delivery.

  • Regulatory compliance.

  • Reporting and record-keeping requirements.

  • Tariff classification and database management product.

  • Calculation of customs duties and taxes.


MYB Logistics understands the importance of an efficient supply chain for the success of your business. Our experts, processes, and technology have made us a reliable outsourcing partner for some of the world's largest international traders.


Contact us today to learn how MYB Logistics can start saving money for you now.

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